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Asphalt Paving

There are several key components to a quality asphalt paving job. Each is vital to the appearance and longevity of your project.


A functional layout is critical to the effectiveness of your site. This relates to how cars enter, park, and exit the property. In addition, the layout stage of a job is when drainage and direction of water flow is determined.

Base Preparation

The base is the foundation of your asphalt, and should not be compromised. We recommend a base of at least six inches of gravel or limestone over all areas that have been properly stripped of grass and topsoil. We prepare the base a minimum of six inches past the edge of the intended paving area in order to prevent cracking on the edges. After finish grading to provide proper drainage, the base is compacted and ready for asphalt.


Proper paving practices and materials are key to a quality job. The material we use and the amount we use is dependent on the intended use of the site. The depth of material is crucial to its longevity. We recommend the following specifications in our projects:

Project Type Minimum Depth
Driveway 3 inches
Parking Lot 4+ inches
Private Road 4+ inches
Resurfacing 1½ – 2 inches
Depending on traffic count and size of load

All depths stated are after compaction. We pave all new construction in two layers to achieve proper compaction. Additionally, we hand tamp all edges during the compaction process to add to their strength.


Resurfacing over existing asphalt requires special preparation. We patch in all low spots and recommend milling out all major cracks and patching them before resurfacing. This will help reduce the possibility of these cracks re-emerging through the new asphalt. Also before resurfacing we spray a bond coat over the existing asphalt to ensure proper adhesion of the new surface to the old surface. If the existing pavement is too deteriorated we recommend either pulverizing or removing it and starting over new.