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Asphalt Maintenance

Proper maintenance is important to extend the life of your asphalt. We offer the following services to protect your investment.

Hot Rubber Crack Filling

Fill cracks in your asphalt to prevent water penetration. In summer, water will saturate and wash out sub-bases. Over time this will cause cracks to get larger and often times creates crumbling asphalt and potholes. In winter, water will freeze and cause heaving of the pavement, resulting in further cracking and deterioration.


Fix problem areas in your asphalt before they grow into bigger and more expensive ones. We offer several different patching options, each has its own benefits and cost effectiveness:

Saw Cut, Remove and Replace

Mill and Patch

Surface Patch

Infrared Technologies

Seal Coating

Seal coating your asphalt allows oils to be restored into your pavement. This allows the pavement to remain flexible, along with giving it that “new” look. We recommend re-sealing every three to four years.


Striping is a cost effective way to maintain a professional looking parking lot. Striping provides a level of safety for employees and customers trying to navigate your property.